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CR7 or Ribery? The Portuguese against the Frenchman!

   Nowadays what has taken all the takings around the world is the question: Who is the best player? Ronaldo, Ribery or even Messi? I must say that this is such a difficult question but there is an answer and you will know here why RONALDO deserves the award! Currently there is no player like him. See why.
   First, CR7 is the player who has scored the most number of goals in the world in 2013. He has scored more than 65 goals. In the season 2013/2014 Ronaldo got 29 goals and 5 assists against 14 goals and 4 assists of Messi. Of course, Messi is injured but nothing changes. He can not be the number one; he has not been playing well and he will just play again next year, so I do not think he deserves another "Ballon d'Or". But I just talked about Lionel because I knew that there would be the people who would say he is the best and blablabla. I am pretty sure he was the best last year and that he could be this year too but taking in consideration that he has not been playing very well (he has scored "just 44 goals") and that he is injured, so I am pretty sure that Ronaldo deserves more than anybody the Ballor d'Or. The Portuguese has been playing like a machine; his exhibition against the Sweden of Ibra was something so spectacular that the award should be given to him at the end of the game in the field, no... no; there is no way to see Cristiano playing and not give the award to him; he is just a monster on the pitch! As Blatter has said: What a great commander!
   But now let´s compare the portuguese with Ribery, who will probably be the most difficult opponent for him, taking into account that the Frenchman has won many titles with Bayer as the Champions League, Bundesliga, German cup, Supercup. You know that in my opinion the titles are not very important when you talk about the Ballon d'Or because it is an award who reward the best player, the most competent one and once you agree with me there is no discussion. Ribery is NOT the best player in the world. In reality he is not even better than Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is the third man who has reached the net more times. Ribery has only scored 20 goals in 2013 in 47 games, so he is far away from Cristiano, Messi and even Ibrahimovic. Another important thing that must be remembered is that Messi has won the Ballon d'Or in some ocasions that other great player have won titles as Sneijder who won the Champions League 2009/10, Serie A, Italian Cup, Italian Supercup, FIFA Cup World Cup and was not elected as the best player in the world; Messi was chosen. In 2010 Iniesta has scored the most important goal of Spain football history and he was not chosen.
   To conclude I would say that we have reasons to think that the Portuguese star deserves and that he will won the Ballon d'Or. Titles do not change the way of things; one man can not receive an award just because his team has won many titles; the award of best player is for the most competent player and once that is true, the Ballon d'Or must go to Ronaldo, the goal machine!

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